Rescission in DE: Big Win This Week!

I am so gratified that the General Assembly passed a bill rescinding all past resolutions calling for an Article V constitutional convention this weekRescission 2. Common Cause Delaware was primarily interested in rescinding the resolution that focuses on a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution, which would be an unmitigated disaster for every educational and social welfare program funded by the federal government. It would take control over the budget out of the hands of the people’s representatives in Congress and give power to unelected judges, thus violating the separation of powers.

The best part of the work I do with Common Cause is making great connections with my allies in Delaware politics. Mike Begatto and Karen Valentine did a lot of heavy lifting to get this bill passed, and I also had the pleasure of working with Nancy Willing, Darlene Battle, Drew Serres, and John Flaherty.

Being able to get rescission passed demonstrates an upside of living in a state controlled by Democrats. Only we were able to get a rescission bill passed. I have to thank President Pro Tem Patti Blevins and Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf for supporting the effort, as well as Rep. Ed Osienski for leading the effort, and Rep. Baumbach and Rep. Kowalko for signing on as co-sponsors.

And to put the icing on the proverbial cake, the bill passed with bipartisan support!!

Getting rescission passed was my number one goal this session. Some said it was an impossible dream. It wasn’t.

I’m happy. Happy and ready to return to blogging.

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