New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Not sure if it is because of my cultural heritage —  my American and/or Christian background — but I constantly feel like I am starting fresh with a new beginning. I feel that way daily, but even more so at the beginning of each new year.

Here are some of my goals for 2016:

1.  For the next six months at least, I plan to put a full-time focus on advancing the Common Cause agenda in Delaware. Our organization has some definite goals for the coming year, and with the support of people across the state, we will work to strengthen democracy in the First State, create a more civic culture, and make our government more accountable to the People.

2.   My life project focuses on working to make the world a better place — more loving, more democratic, more progressive — and that requires relationship building. Mikki and I deeply value the friendships we have formed over the past five years, and we will continue to build community with good-hearted, trustworthy, and loving people, who want to work for progressive change.

3. As usual, there are so many books I want to read, both fiction and non-fiction. I hope to make some progress on this growing stack — because it’s all about “lifetime learning”!

4. I hope that reading will help me move forward on my next book project. I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head, but it hasn’t yet congealed. It might be a political memoir that combines personal experience with political analysis, but I guess we will see how it goes.

5. On a personal note, as always, I will strive to do the right thing, love my neighbors, forgive my enemies, and seek the Divine spark in all people.

May 2016 be the year when all people work for positive change, build community, learn something new, speak their truth, and walk in Love.

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