My Take on Vote-Builder-Gate

I am very outraged that the Bernie Sanders campaign is being torpedoed by the DNC at a critical moment — and on the heels of a debate schedule that seriously disadvantages Bernie. In a democracy — which the US ostensibly is (and a republic is a form of democracy) — the people decide who gets elected, not party operatives. It is a travesty that the DNC is trying to rig the game to favor their chosen one.

That said, because I am committed to fairness, I am trying to imagine how I would feel if the shoe were on the other foot. This is what I think:

The Sanders campaign should not have looked at or taken data from the Hillary campaign that was supposed to be confidential. Whether they did or not has yet to be determined. However, we know that Bernie fired one staffer already. If there were others who erred, I am sure Bernie will deal with them.

I am certain Bernie did nothing wrong.

The entire campaign should not be stymied because a few staff may or may not have acted inappropriately. The data has been secured, so there is no current risk.

dws 2All Bernie wants is access to HIS OWN DATA. It’s his. He collected it. It is not property of the DNC, and they have no right to keep it from him.

His access to Votebuilder should be immediately restored. This is important. Millions of people — the entire country — is being hurt by this.

The DNC should restore his access immediately. And I would also like to see DWS fired.


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