SOTU Viewers Support Progressive Agenda

Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, I was gratified to learn of majority support for President Obama’s policy proposals, as laid out in the State of the Union. When I checked the polling data this morning, however, I discovered that pollsters only queried people who actually watched the SOTU, which included 39% Democrats, 20% Republicans, and 41% Independents. Consequently, the poll does not give us a valid snapshot of public opinion overall.

Nevertheless, for what it’s worth, the CNN poll found that 72% of those who watched the speech believe that the Presidents policy proposals will move the country in the right direction. 71% approve of Obama’s policies on the economy, 64% on taxes, 78% on free community college, 74% on race relations, and 60% on immigration.

It should be no surprise that so many Americans approve of President Obama’s policies. Indeed, he did win two elections — as he noted!

And I must say, although I disagree with Obama on some significant issues, I am happy with his latest focus on rebuilding the middle class.

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