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“Thoughts About Losing Hope and Checking Out” (4/19/12)

“Top Ten Things I Just Don’t Get” (4/3/12)

“A Rant About Santorum – and the State of American Politics” (3/1/12)

“The Sexist Heterosexism of National Marriage Week” (2/1/12)

“The Approaching Threat of Libertarianism” (1/4/12)

“Top Ten Positive Political Outcomes of 2011” (12/30/11)

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“Is Chuck Norris Right? The Fight Against Genetically Engineered Corn” (11/1/11) – went “viral”

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“Stop the Food Fight! Coming Together for a Healthier America” (3/7/11)

“What’s the Matter with White People? A Look at Data from the ‘Race and Recession’ Survey” (3/2/11)

“Submissive Wives and Working Stiffs? Towards a Conservative-Progressive Alliance” (2/17/11)

“Opposing Arbitrary Power: The Patriot Act, Torture, and Extraordinary Rendition” (2/14/11)

“Personal Reflections on ‘Real Housewives’ and the Virtue of Modesty” (2/3/11)

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