Moments of Clarity

Is There Something the Matter with the White Working Class?

The working class is supposed to be the revolutionary agent of history, mobilizing for progressive change, yet according to studies like What’s the Matter with Kansas, the white working class (WWC) now votes Republican against its own economic interests. However, not everyone agrees with that assessment. Let’s take a look at some data.Read More »Is There Something the Matter with the White Working Class?

Community Organizing

This morning, I finally got a chance to read the New York Times Book Review, and the front page featured reviews of two books about the negative impact of smart phones and social media on our (and our children’s) ability to have actual face-to-face conversations and community. Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age sounded particularly interesting.

ADA House party Snyder-Hall 004The review struck a chord with me because of the great experience we had the other night hosting the first of a series of ADA house parties in Eastern Sussex, designed to build progressive community and increase civic capacity.Read More »Community Organizing

Authoritarianism or Republican Self-Government?

I’ve been concerned about “the allure of authoritarianism” for quite some time now. Why do citizens who ostensibly live in a self-governing republic tolerate authoritarian attitudes and behaviors in their representatives and those hired to serve the public? Don’t they understand that authoritarianism is antithetical to democracy?Read More »Authoritarianism or Republican Self-Government?