Moments of Clarity

Towards Non-Partisanship

I’ve been through tremendous personal change over the course of the last four years, including giving up my career, changing my religion, and trying my hand at partisan politics. I say “trying my hand” because I was not a party activist before moving to Delaware, and after the life-changing experiences of the last four years, I’ve decided to refocus my political energy on advancing the issues I care about and growing the progressive community, rather than trying to build “the party.”Read More »Towards Non-Partisanship

Press Release from Coalition for Budget Justice

Delaware Legislators To Address Budget Crisis and Long-Term Solutions

On November 3, the Coalition for Budget Justice will sponsor the “Delaware Budget Forum:  A Progressive View for Moving Forward” at the Lewes Public Library, 111 Adams Ave., beginning at 5:30. The forum features three of the six progressive Democrats who voted against the budget deal negotiated at the end of June, including Rep. Paul Baumbach, Rep. John Kowalko, and Rep. Sean Lynn.Read More »Press Release from Coalition for Budget Justice