Moments of Clarity

Calling “The Tea Party of the Left”!

“In 2010, we saw the Tea Party yank the entire political discourse way to the right. The Tea Party was powerful because it was boldly ideological; it recruited and groomed candidates; and it created a strong national brand. Our view is that there isn’t anything analogous to that on the left, and there ought to be.”

—– Jon Green, Deputy Director, Working Families Party

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Serving the Public Good

I read a peculiar comment by a Delaware House member in the newspaper today about why he doesn’t want to vote to override the Governor’s veto:

“If you’re a Democrat, and the governor’s a Democrat, you have to think long and hard, ‘Do I want to override my governor?’ It has to be a really big issue for you to do that.”

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My Take on Vote-Builder-Gate

I am very outraged that the Bernie Sanders campaign is being torpedoed by the DNC at a critical moment — and on the heels of a debate schedule that seriously disadvantages Bernie. In a democracy — which the US ostensibly is (and a republic is a form of democracy) — the people decide who gets elected, not party operatives. It is a travesty that the DNC is trying to rig the game to favor their chosen one.Read More »My Take on Vote-Builder-Gate