Moments of Clarity

Stoking Hatred: Republican Attacks on Obama’s Immigration Order

RallyPhotoI’m just going to say this. The anti-immigrant vitriol that has been unleashed in opposition to the President’s executive order makes me sick. The things I have seen posted on Facebook are mind boggling. We are talking about human beings for God’s sake! I am grateful that I cannot even begin to get into the mindset of people who could be so hateful and so heartless towards other human beings.

Laws that criminalize human nature are wrong, and it is human nature to take care of your family, which is what unauthorized immigrants are trying to do. Any decent person does whatever he has to do to provide for his family. If you lived in an impoverished country, ravaged by drug warlords, with no hope of a better life, and there was another country right over the border that provides jobs and endless opportunities, wouldn’t you do anything you could to get there, so you could get a job and provide for your family? I hope your answer is yes, so let’s not treat undocumented people like they are criminals for doing what any of us would do in their shoes.Read More »Stoking Hatred: Republican Attacks on Obama’s Immigration Order

The 2014 Election and the Need for a Progressive Agenda

partisanIn What’s the  Matter with Kansas? (2004), Thomas Frank asked why so many Americans continue to vote against their own interests. I find myself asking that same question today, in light of the Republican tsunami that swept across the country on November 4th.

Election Day 2014 was a bad night for Democrats. It was disappointing for me personally, since I lost my bid for the Delaware State Senate, despite having a large base of energized supporters, having spent almost two years tirelessly pursuing the latest in campaign “best practices,” and having raised more money than anyone else in the county. But I take solace in the fact that it wasn’t just me. Every single Democrat who had an opponent lost in my county.Read More »The 2014 Election and the Need for a Progressive Agenda